GraphQL Python Client

Client access to the ObjectBox GraphQL database server

Install the client

Install a GraphQL client like "python-graphql-client":

pip install python-graphql-client

Run the ObjectBox server

Your ObjectBox Sync Server also comes with a native GraphQL server, making ObjectBox a GraphQL database that clients can query.

Note that the port used for GraphQL is different than the one used for Sync.

Get the session ID

In order to make GraphQL requests, you must first obtain a session ID.

Make an empty plain HTTP POST request to /api/v2/sessions in order to receive a session ID. E.g. using the requests library:

import requests

url = 'http://localhost:8081/api/v2/sessions'


GraphQL requests

Now everything is ready for you to do the GraphQL requests. Note that the session ID you found in the previous step must be passed to all GraphQL requests. You can provide it via e.g. using argparse. It's passed via the standard Authorization header (see example below).

Here is a simple example of using the client to read all existing objects from the database.

from python_graphql_client import GraphqlClient
import requests

url = 'http://localhost:8081/api/v2/sessions'
token =
header = {
    'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + token[1:-1]

client = GraphqlClient(endpoint="http://localhost:8081/api/graphql", headers = header)

# Read existing objects
read = """
query getAll {
  testEntity {

# Synchronous request
data = client.execute(query=put)

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